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Press Here! Hand Refelxology For Beginners

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Practicing hand reflexology on yourself can help you achieve your goal of natural, holistic healthcare without the expensive weekly treatments. Hand reflexology, unlike the more common foot reflexology, is easy to incorporate into your wellness routine because it can be used anywhere—from riding the bus or listening to a lecture in class to enjoying a party.  This fun, easy, and accessible introduction to self-care through hand reflexology teaches the fundamental principles of reflexology and guides you through the reflex map of the hands, where every part of our body has a corresponding reflex point. Follow the illustrations and simple instructions to quickly learn techniques to use daily for overall good health and a balanced body and mind. In addition, guided techniques help you learn how to use reflexology for specific health issues, organized by ailments.
Författare Stefanie Sabounchian
Förlag deep books ltd
Artikelkod 9781589239760
Utgiven 2021-02-09
Sidantal 128
Vikt 430 g
Mediatyp Inbunden
Språk Engelska
Mått 165 x 215 x 15 mm