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A Glorious Mix

A glorious mix of recipes and inspiration for both everyday and parties – delicious super-smoothies, enticing breakfast tips and dreamy desserts!
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249 kr
This basic cookbook for the health conscious contains over 100 recipes of healthy foods, pastries and beverages in a glorious mix. It’s filled with inspiration, tips and advice.

Most of the recipes are vegetarian but there are also fish and meat dishes. There are also recipes, tips and techniques about raw food (food that is not cooked). The book reflects Renée’s life, with a chapter dedicated to families with children that includes recipes and inspiration for both kids and adults. In the chapter “Shape up” there are tips on breaking bad habits, because sometimes we all need help making a fresh start.
Artikelkod 9789163375507
Författare Voltaire, R
Mått 0 x 0 x 0 mm
Tillverkare Renée Voltaire
Språk Svenska