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A New Earth

This is the follow up to the bestselling self-help book of its generation The Power of Now.
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119 kr
A New Earth 2012 wall calendar features quotes from Eckhart Tolle's #1 New York Times best-selling book paired with stunning nature photography. The focused messages and evocative images help you stay connected throughout the year to the essential wisdom of this transformative classic. A modern manifesto, it calls us to awaken from our ego-based consciousness to a state of being based on Presence, which is nothing other than the absolute source of Being itself.
Sidantal 324
Mediatyp Pocket
Språk Engelska
Mått 130 x 198 x 20 mm
Artikelkod 9780141039411
Vikt 240 g
Författare Tolle Eckhart
Utgiven 2008-12-01
Förlag Penguin UK