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As You Feel, So You Heal

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179 kr
What if you could dance freely through life’s emotional ups and downs? What if you could connect with your innermost character and ultimately, gain unshakable self-acceptance? In Write of Passage, award-winning author Donna DeNomme leads you on a journey of self-acceptance through writing. Using engaging stories, exploratory journaling prompts, and contemplative meditations, DeNomme provides clear, practical strategies to comfort and encourage you as you move through five gateways: awakening, departure, meeting life’s challenge, venturing into the inner cave, and returning with the golden insights. Whether you make your way with pen and paper or simply meditate on its thought-provoking content, you'll gain a deeper appreciation of your authentic self by discovering emotional guideposts for personal healing and soul evolution.
Artikelkod 9780764358104
Förlag Schiffer Publishing
Mått 158 x 235 x 18 mm
Utgiven 2019-10-28
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Inbunden
Författare DeNomme, Donna
Vikt 499 g