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Astrosex: Sagittarius

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The perfect Valentine's Day gift!


Everything you need to know to have the best sex according to your star sign.

Next time you have sex, you'll be seeing stars...

Harness the power of the zodiac to guide you to pleasure that's out of this world. From what sex positions will have you ascending, to the turn-ons that'll make more than just the moon rise, as well sex toys, masturbation tips and more - this little book has big astrology energy.

A cheeky hardback with foil on the cover corresponding to your sign's element (earth, water, air or fire) and illustrations throughout - this is the perfect guide for out-of-this-world fun.

It's time to let your ruling planet show you how to rule the bedroom.

Författare Erika W. Smith
Vikt 155 g
Artikelkod 9781398702103
Förlag Hachette UK Distribution Ltd
Mediatyp Inbunden
Språk Engelska
Utgiven 2021-02-04
Mått 104 x 162 x 20 mm