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Hot Stone And Gem Massage

A fully illustrated guide to the ancient Hawaiian art of massage using hot stones. Included are instructions for each area of the body; information on the healing powers of gemstones; and ...
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Since ancient times, the people of Hawaii have used hot stones for both physical and spiritual healing. Using basalt stones - fine-grained, high-density volcanic rocks with an exceptional ability to store heat - hot stone massage not only dispels tensions and soothes the soul but, also, enhances lymph flow, removes toxins and fortifies the immune system. The treatment causes blood vessels to dilate, leading to improved circulation and consequently improved oxygen, nutrient, antibody and protective cell supply to the area of the body under the stones and is extremely effective for joint problems, back pain and sore muscles. Beyond the strictly physical benefits, the massage, also, stimulates the meridians and chakras, gently dissipating energetic blockages. This book provides step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions for treatments for each area of the body. The authors then include details on the specific healing powers of 54 gemstones, showing how to further enhance the benefits of hot stone massage with gemstone chakra treatment. For instance, in facial massage, working with amethyst can alleviate headaches and help heal skin blemishes. They also describe the therapeutic benefits of several base and essential oils and recommend specific combinations for hot stone massage. · Includes illustrated instructions for each area of the body · Explains how to combine hot stone massage with gemstone chakra treatment, detailing the specific healing powers of 54 gemstones · Recommends which base oils and essential oils enhance the effects of hot stone massage
Mått 154 x 229 x 9 mm
Sidantal 150
Utgiven 2008-11-18
Vikt 281 g
Mediatyp Häftad
Författare Fleck Dagmar & Jochum Liane
Speltid 0 min
Artikelkod 9781594772467
Språk Engelska
Förlag Healing Arts Press