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Interpretation of Dreams

Love him, hate him, agree with him, or find his entire life’s work complete garbage--- one thing is undeniable: Sigmund Freud is the most significant and recognized psychoanalyist in the history of the world.
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The word "sleep" covers both the act of sleeping and the activity of the mind during that period of rest. To dream is part of the act of sleeping. The interpretation of dreams is the art of applying meaning to the various elements that appear in dreams.

is an ancient human practice, for which there are written records more then 3,800 years old.

This beautiful book is an illustrated A-Z glossary of 1,500 precognitive dream elements - words, images and situations - and what they mean. An introduction also explains sleep and dreaming, and the symbolism of dreams.

There is even a dreams questionnaire to hep you understand yourself.

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Mått 175 x 245 x 20 mm
Språk Engelska
Artikelkod 9788445910085
Vikt 667 g
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Förlag Chris Lloyd Sales & Mktg
Utgiven 2023-02-02