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Crystal Pencyls Kit Celtic

A set of colored pencils, empowered by small crystals and engraved with powerful symbols. They are ...
149 kr

Crystal Reiki: A Handbook for Healing Mi...

Krista Mitchell is a master at crystal healing, and with this book she has created a handbook for pr...
199 kr

Crystal Tips And Cures

Explore the amazing world of crystal power with this guide to 101 crystals that you can work with fo...
179 kr

Hyaline Quartz Runes

Equilibrium, wisdom, evolution. Set includes 25 runes, contained in an elegant velvet purse, with bo...
339 kr

Love crystal talismans

Four stones, four precious talismans, lend a helping hand where it is needed most and help us to tra...
129 kr

Moonstone Runes

Description: Precious Runes in synthetic Moonstone. The stone has a beautiful opalescent shine,that ...
399 kr
149 kr 139 kr