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Life after death - an analysis of the evidence

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169 kr
Join internationally recognized sensory neuroscientist Robert Davis as he examines the latest experimental evidence and theories of existence after “death.” This treatment is comprehensive in scope and combines the most recent experimental and anecdotal evidence. Davis explores the potential for an afterlife through the analysis of case studies, interviews, and researched findings of near-death and out-of-body experiences, mediumship, apparitions, psychic explanations, and reincarnation. In addition, he examines evidence-based scientific theories that include the multiverse, biologic brain activity, consciousness-brain connection, and many others. Davis offers compelling data in an unbiased presentation to answer the age-old question: Is death really the end of life or is there life after death?
Vikt 371 g
Mått 153 x 230 x 13 mm
Utgiven 2017-09-18
Artikelkod 9780764354380
Författare Davis, Robert
Mediatyp Häftad
Förlag Schiffer Publishing
Språk Engelska
Sidantal 208