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Modern Dreamwork

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159 kr
Dreams are one of the most profound, enigmatic, and powerful activities of our mind and our soul. And for those who yearn for healing, purpose, and deeper connections, dreams can hold a plethora of creative insights and solutions to the problems that hold you back. Each dream gives up its secrets in different ways, therefore Modern Dreamwork offers a hands-on guide to several different approaches to working with and interpreting your dreams. Through this dreamwork, you can understand and resolve difficult decisions or issues with confidence, knowing that you're in tune with the wisest part of yourself. After exploring simple steps to improve your dream recall and learning about dream incubation, author Linda Yael Schiller shares three unique approaches to interpretation: the Integrated Embodied Approach, the PARDES method (based on Kabbalah), and the Guided Active Imagination Approach (GAIA). These methods can be used by anyone, regardless of spiritual or religious background. Throughout the book you will also learn about dream journeys, waking dreams, synchronicity, intuition, dream imagery, and innovative techniques for soothing and transforming nightmares.
Språk Engelska
Artikelkod 9780738761824
Utgiven 2019-12-15
Förlag Llewellyn
Mediatyp Storpocket
Mått 132 x 202 x 12 mm
Vikt 272 g