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Atmospheric moods : Echoes of the ocean

119 kr

Dial M For Mantra (Cd)

If you think you know the music of Jai Uttal, then get ready for a surprising adventure into unchart...
179 kr 79 kr

Love Reigns (Cd)

Kirtan has the power to transport us into an ecstatic realm where our hearts are wide open to the di...
179 kr 79 kr


The Oneness Blessing (or "deeksha" in India) is proving to be one of the fastest growing spiritual p...
179 kr 79 kr

Return to Shiva Station : Kailash Connec...

Jai Uttal re-envisions his groundbreaking Shiva Station. This wholly new album brings us closer to t...
149 kr 39 kr

Signatures on Water

Like a quiet lake in the early morning hours, within us all there is a still point of inner peace an...
119 kr

Tandava vol 1

In the realm of electronic world beat, Pathaan is arguably the singular choice. Truly the ambassador...
179 kr 79 kr

Water (Cd)

Science has shown that sound frequencies occurring in nature can literally feed the brain and stimul...
119 kr