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Ashtanga Yoga Practice Cards

A full-color practice deck of the Ashtanga Primary Series--by the dynamic yoga teacher Kino MacGrego...
269 kr 259 kr

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Deck

Our brains can produce negative thoughts, but you can "reprogram the way you think." This collection...
169 kr

Live Your Yoga

Take the wisdom of yoga off the mat and explore 54 ways to reinvigorate your practice by connecting ...
199 kr 179 kr

Yoga Deck

Now beginners, experts, and teachers alike can make rejuvenating meditations part of daily life with...
219 kr

Little Yogi Cards & Book Set

Yoga strengthens us in many ways and gives us the gift of inner peace, clarity, harmony and relaxati...
219 kr

The Healing Yoga Deck: 60 Poses and Medi...

Yoga can help prevent and alleviate a number of conditions, from back pain and digestive issues to b...
199 kr